“Well, it’s awesome logo !!!”

This was the exclaminationary expression that went through all of us when we first create a sketch of the logo that was on the white paper. We all stare at the logo for long time before expressing the happiness that brought of by the logo. While we are busy focusing on the channel management of the product, Logo design was the important aspect that was hindering the other aspects of the product. So we just spend more than a week to work in the logo so that we can create the best platform for the clients and investors.

How We Came Along This ?

Well to be frank this is the product that we expect to be the best among the property selling business, When we first think about the product, we want to create a product that carries the Nepalese theme in it. With the domain name roomsfindernepal we first made a rough sketch to support the theme.

roomsfinderlogo version-1

The First Version of the theme consists of the general roof structure, with the nepalese feeling in it by adding the nepalese flag and created the Second and revised version of the Logo.

roomsfindernepal version-2

After the careful investigation of the final requirements and need of new way of presenting the logo. The final sketch of the Logo was designed by the careful integration of the requirements and other stuffs.

Finally, We were able to create the awesome logo that is helpful in creating the link between the property buyer and sellers or between tenants  and landlords.


The Final Version

The final version of the Logo was designed by integrating the sketch into the Graphic Software.

Rooms Finder Nepal
Rooms Finder Nepal


Concept : Sumit Poudel, Roshan Joshi
Sketch : Sumit Poudel
Graphic Design : Binod Bhatta,  Sumit Poudel


Final Words

All we need is the support from all of you to make the product more likeable and usable. Please Visit the following Links.

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